Hi all I was just wondering where I could find photos like clayhomesaver used in this msg


I have been googling for hours to no avail



There are a few royalty free stock photography sites on the web. One of them is

Thanks Travis TX but I have been to many royalty frre sites on the web and to no avail. I think I have changed my mind anyway and am going to write letters…



Go to and search for “payment due”. It’s there with some other similar pics.

You can get a day or week access I think for pretty cheap. In fact, you can search for free. You just can’t download until you pay.

Best of luck,


To find photos, try a web search for “stock photos”. There are stock photo agencies that offer a variety of photos on all subjects. If this does not work, find a friend with a digital camera, and with a little reworking in Photoshop, you can create your own photo.