Phone Service

Has any one ever tried or uses a phone service for their tenants. If so how did it work out? If any one still uses a phone service can you recommend one for me to use.

Do you mean that you pay the phone bill?

No I’m talking about a phone service in which a live person takes all your incoming calls. So that you like more professional and also you do not have to worry about late nite calls

You can be professional without spending the money on a phone service. Of course there’s always the potential of getting a late night call for a problem, but that’s generally a rare case. I haven’t had anything past 8pm in the couple years I’ve been doing this.

i have used but it was a nightmare for me…calls every hour…pressure option

SKYPE 50 bucks a year

There’s a new phone service called For $9.95 a month you get the professional sounding outgoing message for all your incoming calls along with options for each department in your company. You could have for example, property management, repairs and accounting. For ten bucks a month, you sure do look a lot bigger than you really are.