Phone Search

I tried knocking on the doors of a couple on homes in pre-foreclosure with no response and got cold feet. Since I’m a new investor looking to begin by birddogging in the Wash. DC area, I’d like to know if anyone can help me find the phone number of the home owners using their name and address since it’s not listed in the phone book.


Try this…

Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t.

Also, you can get owner information (which may not be the same as “occupant information” from some City/County Tax Offices on-line (I can here in Louisiana).

Hope this helps some.




DeWitt, I’m not arguing it’s scary at first but think about how many other buyers do the same thing, stop after a few houses. It’s the ones who keep going that are successful at doorknocking.

Phone calls are good to but you’ll probably find 40-60% of them don’t have a working phone or won’t answer it.

Letters are tough to. I get about 1-2% response on a tight list but in my opinion that’s not enough. Door knocking is still the best.

Keep it up.