Phone number issue

I have an issue and need some feedbacks or advice. I am very likely to be moving within the next 6-12 months. I am not sure how to handle the future change in my phone number, with regards to my marketing. I don’t want to use a cell, nor do I want to use an 800 number. I will have a different exchange and possibly a different area code. Any idea how to deal with this? And does anyone have a rough estimate as to how long a phone number will remain unused once a customer quits using the number? I could add my cell to my early mailings, but if I can avoid that, I would like to.

Probably around April 1st, I will be mailing out my first set of 1000 postcards, and between that and the other marketing I do, I want to make sure that these people can contact me after I move. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

A cheap, easy, & fast solution to your problem is to get a VoIP phone # (I use Vonage ( Doing so only requires a regular phone and high-speed internet access.

You can buy the required (idiot-proof) router on eBay for @$10, and the cost for the first phone # is about $25/mo. You can then order as many other numbers, in any excahnge you want, for about $5/mo/ph# and have them all come in through the same line.

Our main number is for Fort Worth = 817, but we also have “offices” with numbers in Nashville = 615, and Dallas = 214.

The other cool thing about VoIP is you can have them all ring in two places at the same time. I have ours set so it rings the office, and my cell, at the same time.

Another alternative is do some googling and search for “integrated phone service or solutions.” These are companies which offer very sophisticated phone systems, the kind multi-nationals use, where you have automated answering scripts (“Hello, you have reached the intergallactic offices of WE BUY HOME…”, dialing trees (press 1 for sales, 2 for a company directory), etc. for VERY little money (like $50-75/mo.).

All of the services I’ve mentioned in this post allow you to receive your v-mail via email (SUPER handy for following up and record keeping), but you can usually get fax-via-email for a few more dollars/mo./line as well.

I use the a service with an 866 # it is GREAT and CHEAP, $25 month for PBX feature and $2 for the 866 #.

For more info:

If you don’t like that one check

If you want to hear my PBX message PM me and I will give it to you.