Phone Approach for calling leads

As a bird dog, I’m trying to get some properties under contract to assign. I have several properties that I want to call on but I don’t really have a solid thing to say to them. Can any of you share your approach? It would really help!

How did you find these properties? Do you know they need to sell or are you trying to find out if they are interested in selling?

You could always start with something like:

"Hi my name is [Your name] who am I speaking to?
“Hey Their first name, I have couple of clients interested in buying houses in your neighborhood and I noticed that your house fits their criteria. Are you interested in selling?”

if yes, then continue from there.
if he wants to know how much they are offering, then you need to do some dancing around.
if they say no, then ask them if they know anyone who has a property for sale

Nevermind - I made my own. You can download them from me if you want from the below links:

For Rent Gathering Approach.doc

FSBO Gathering Approach.doc


No offense, but I hope that you don’t take the yelling and screaming personally. Hopefully, most will just hang up.

If you’re cold calling these people, these are some bad choices, imo.

If you get the property address, you should also be able to get everyone that’s on title, if the property is a “good” neighborhood or not, and lot’s of other information. No need to ask this stuff on a primary call.

You want to get some “technical numerical equations” about the property? How about, I’d like some more info, please?

If someone called you out of the blue, would you tell them how much your mortgage payment is? As a seller, I’d have to ask why that’s important, aren’t you buying it? Won’t you have your own mortgage?

Don’t get me wrong. Having a script is better than winging it. I think that you’re just trying to get too much info in one sitting. Especially as a birddog. You’re doing too much (btw, birddogs don’t assign. They get paid for just finding the deals).

Most of your technical numerical equations can be answered simply by asking “can you tell me a little about the property?”


Roger J,

I called 23 leads today (FSBO’s and FOR RENT signs) and only got 1 person who didn’t answer all of my questions.

The time it would take to look up the information I am asking for would take far longer than just asking the seller. If they aren’t willing to answer your questions, they aren’t motivated nor flexible in MY opinion.

The technical numerical equations was an experiment. I typed this up today man! You know what? It worked out fine. My thinking for this phrase was that people would think about the following things: I know exactly what I’m talking about, these are numbers I need to process in order to make an offer, I have control of the conversation. Sure you could ask “I’d like some more info please” but I was trying to control all of the things I mentioned above.

If someone called me out of the blue and asked ME how much my mtg pmt was, I would tell them to screw off. If I was desperate to sell and I was willing to do anything to get rid of the property, I would tell this person who could dig me out of my grave any info they needed to do so.

I apologize for misclassifying bird dogging - should I call it wholesaling? Should I call it “scouting?” What, in your professional opinion should I call this thing that I am doing? Does it really matter?

Could you please provide your script? I’d love to see it! IF you dont’ have one, why dont’ you take some time to type one up since it’s so much better than mine?

it’s funny that I didn’t get a response in this thread until I posted my own information - then guess what, someone pops up to criticize it.