Philip X. Tirone's 7step to 720 credit score

Has anyone ever heard of this guy and his program? Please let me know if his program works or not and if it’s legit. Thanks!


Never heard of this guy. Doesn’t matter. you don’t need any program to get a 720 credit score. besides, 720 is good but nothing that outstanding. just check out and you’ll learn all you need to know about your credit score and how to manipulate it, plus it’ll cost less than this guys program, cuz the websites FREE!!

  1. Pay your bills on time
  2. Keep a low balance compared to your credit limit
  3. Establish a long history of on time payments
  4. Pay a little extra on your bills
  5. Limit the amount of credit inquiries you have
  6. Don’t close established credit accounts in good standing
  7. Check your credit report often to contest errors as soon as possible

There you have it. No guru necessary. How much were you going to pay him? You can just send it to me instead.

Also don’t get credit when you buy a computer or appliance, the “Would you like to finance that today?” offer. That financing is done through a finance company and will pull down your score. Same goes for avoiding the 10-15% discount for a new store card.


I actually wasn’t going to pay him anything for his program. I got it for free. I like the materials on it. I was just trying to see if what he says actually works.