anybody in philly ever try to use it is supposed to give you access to all recorded deeds and mortgages.they charge 15$ for 1 hour. well i think they took my 15 bucks and ran with it. i had a hard time understanding how to use it. anyone else

I just went through the samething. I feel cheated as well. There has to
be an easier way.

County court house folks . Its free(if you know where to park) and it works every time.

I agree CAMPBELLGROUP there is a huge hipe in Real Estate Investing. watch out for who you do business with. The County is always a trusted place…

You can get free access to all deeds and mortgages for most counties right in the comfort of your own home. Do a google search with your county name and “county recorder”. No need to go anyhwere or pay anything. You can also get a lot of information from your county auditor’s web site (also free). Here in Ohio, gas is too expensive to go anywhere and I don’t have to go through a metal detector to get to my basement.


Try this site. It will link you to your county website, if they have one.

Just pick the State, then the County.

Some sites, used by counties, do charge for the info you want. The site, netonline, suggested by Mdhaas, I believe, charges $1.00 per page of info, which if your document is lengthy and you don’t need all the verbage can get pricy. Still, with gas getting higher and you still can’t go to the courthouse in your underwear, not a bad deal.