Phil Pustejovsky Short Sales Step by Step Mentorship

Is anyone familiar with Phil Pustejovsky and his Short Sales Step by Step mentorship program. REI Club hosted one of his webinars not too long ago. Just curious to see if anyone bought his course or is involved in his mentorship program, and if so, how have the results been? Thank you.

Hi, I can’t say I have any direct experience with Phil, except that I have been subscribed to him for some time. I have read his emails and his postings on his blog, and aside from being an excellent writer, it is obvious that he really stays on Top, and abreast of current issues across the board that can affect short sales. I know he is from Nashville, and after researching and learning about many gurus, AND being a good judge of character,
he seems to come from a place of integrity. He is likely pretty solid just being affiliated with Peter Conti too. Still, his arena is short sales, so I think
you just really have to know that THAT is your area of choice, or, at least be keenly aware of what it takes to be successful in that arena. GOOD Luck! One further note, I did have a question or comment once for him, and his office never got back to me - may have missed my email. However,
when I finally wrote back bringing this to light, someone from his office responded very kindly, and I think invited me to call him (providing his number), but at that point, I did not follow up.