Phil Grove, The All-In-One Done-For-You Real Estate Program

Has anyone used this program before or have any experience on it good or bad…

I did, at $997 its a steal for all the software does for you. But you have to pay $97/mth to continue using it so if you haven’t made your investment back before a month is up (like me) you’ll have to decide to drop out or stay till you do. They’ve added another to it tonite called meter drop which that alone is just as good. Its a flat $97 and no monthly fee. I hope this helps.

Can anyone explain the program, the software or other details? I have not heard of the guy before.

I paid the $997 and I didn’t get the software, back then it was an additional $1500. I studied his material for a month and made $1,000 on my first deal, a $3 profit, I was off and running. A few months later I got $2,242 on a deal. Then that same week I made $15K, seller only had 8K so I took a note for the balance in 2 yrs. That was about a year ago and the buyers have already paid another $3 off the balance. But now, I like the Lease options, its easier and faster, no need to go thru escrow and a Title company. But I will still use the AMPS knowledge if I come across an opportunity…

Thanks Randoskie for sharing.

What about the program worked best for you.

BTW - I like the idea that a program should pay for itself. I sometimes throw out a challenge when someone asks me if they should buy a specific program. I ask them if they are willing to pass on every other deal for some other seminar until they have earned back at least 2x what they are about to spend. The idea that they would have to focus and say no to other offers seems to force them to think about why this is the one worth investing in.

What I liked about the AMPS course was the videos, and MP3’s. Phill Groove has this comfortable easy going teaching method. And he explains how difficult it can be and its not all fluff.
I didnt get sales pitches to upgrade and buy into bigger and better teachings. I made my money back many times.

What happened to this section of the forum? It use to be great, with tons of real knowledge. Now all you have are these scammers?

Pete, where did you go!

Mike, where did you go!!

up on scaffolding today…to paint soffits on a SFH…(satisfying bankers for establishing a secured LOC)…would rather establish use of their funds.

in other words…just working the fdjake plan.

how’s things on the courthouse steps these days? got a December auction I might attend.