Phantom properties!

Hey everyone. I was wondering…I’m looking for my second property now and I saw one that caught my eye! It looks vacant, overgrown greenery (it honestly looks like a jungle), and there’s mail all over the mail box. How would I go about finding out if the property is indeed vacant? Thanks.

Howdy Jmarc85:

Peek in the windows, kick door down and go in, break out a window and go in. climb down the fireplace and go in, ask the owner, ask neighbors, ask mailman, check to see if electric meter is active, red tag, look for condemned notice from city, Some of above are illegal. Do not break and enter. I was just trying to add some humor.

climb down the fireplace and go in

I thought only Santa did that!

Check public record (tax assessor) website. So who owns it (bank, hud, out of town/state owner) – if it a bank or hud chances are it’s vacant…

Depending on the area, it may be listed on a county website. Try this site. Pick the State then the County.

Good Luck!

Maybe he can ask Santa if someone was home 2 weeks ago when he stopped by. :smiley: