Peter Conti's Mentorship Course?

I am a newbie at real estate investing, and on this forum.

After doing plenty of reading I am ready for some action.

One of the better books that I have read was by Peter Conti and David Finkel. It was called “How to Make Big Money Investing In Foreclosures.” I then read another one of their books entitled, " How to Make Multiple Streams of Income Buying Homes in Nice Areas With Nothing Down."

Both books plug the authors’ real estate investing mentorship program heavily and convincingly. I phoned the company to inquire about the program. It lasts for 18 months and costs $6,000 up front plus you split the profits from your first two deals.

This would be a heavy investment for me, but I feel that as a newbie I would learn faster with the help of a mentor. I just want to do some independent research on the program before laying out that kind of cash.

Does anyone know about or have any experience with The Mentorship Program offered by Mentorship Financial Group which is owned by Peter Conti and David Finkel?

Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

-E. Scott

Thanks for replying.

I looked around on Papersource and the only thing I found about the course was that some people thought it was a little pricy (and it is) but from my experiences in life you get what you pay for.

What specific comments did you find?

Thanks again,

-E. Scott

Im confused,

On Tuesday there was a reply to my inital post from Babalau (sp?) Now it isn’t there.

I would like to ask him/her a question about what he/she found out about the Peter Conti David Finkle Mentorship Course.

Please help



Sorry. Hopefully, he or she will contact you privately through a private message or email. There are numerous moderators on these forums and asking to be contacted in the body of the post is against the rules which is why the reply post was deleted.

Unfortunately, having that universal rule is the only way to keep the boards informational and free of “disguised” solicitations. If you look in the member list, you can probably find babalu’s contact info. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks Tim,

I was able to get in touch with Babalau via email.

Where is the member list located on this website? I looked for it , but couldn’t find it.

While I have the head honcho on the line I would like to ask you a few questions. What have you heard about the Peter Conti, David Finkle Mentorship Course if anything? I honestly have yet to find a single person who has taken the course. Everyone who bashes it has never even enrolled.

I have been reading books and researching real esate investment for about 6 months. I am really ready to start making moves. I have some money to invest from my current business. I just need to get started. What advice can you offer me on the best way to get started? I initially thought a mentor program would be a good idea, but all I keep hearing is scam scam scam. I would really like to work with somebody who has experience investing in the central Texas area to find out what works here. Should I start out as a bird dog?

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks, Sherlock :slight_smile:

It’s available from the main forum page at the bottom if you’re logged in.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about the Conti Finkel mentorship. And I’m short on time as I’m on vacation. There should be plenty of good posts available about how to get started.

I can respond more later July once I’m back. Hope you understand. Thanks.

hmm, im in process of reading his book on investing in foreclosures, and i was interested in such mentorship programs but it seems a little ridiculous if the price gets too high. i plan on joining the local real estate investing club soon to hopefully meet with seasoned investors who can guide me. anyone in san jose, ca?

Hi, I know of one established investor, an Emily Cressy (last name I think), who actually got her start via Peter’s training. Two years ago I spoke to
their office regarding their mentoring. In short, it’s not cheap, however, in light of the economy I think, plus them benefiting with partnering, they
have a newer “offer.” Basically, it much LESS, affordable on a monthly basis, but I think you have to share 50% of your first $100K profit. Now,
that’s really not bad, a piece of the pie is better than none, and if it helps you launch, then it’s $$$ well spent. Call their office, but basically, don’t be a patsy. Assert yourself and mention this new program. BTW you can go month to month and cancel anytime. Be persistent. Good Luck.

6000 sounds like way too much to me. You would be better off taking the 6000 with you into the first deal. See if you can find any local investors in your area that will mentor you.

The great thing about the information age is that almost any information can be found for free on the internet or in published books.

You just have to look.


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