Peter Conti


I’m new to this forum and new to real estate investing. I recently read a couple of books by Peter Conti and David Finkle. I’m considering enrolling in their mentoring program. Has anyone had any experience with the program? Is it worth the $6000 fee? Is the guarentee sound? (They guarentee $10,000 profits within 3 months.)

Thanks for your input. I’m chomping at the bit to get started, but feel like there’s an awful lot I don’t know.


Ann -

These guys are legit, and so is their guarantee - however, as to the $6K, it depends on how much personal attention you need to get motivated, how much FEAR you have about doing it yourself, and how much effort you’re willing to put in without someone booting you in the butt. I’m not kidding - it’s our personal motivation (or lack thereof) that keeps us from realizing our dreams - the info is already there.

Best of luck!

I think their books on foreclosures and lease opton purchasing are real hands on info and is very specific to this type of investing. I really liked the books and they give you free web bonus pack in the end of the foreclosure book.
Before you go to this mentoring try to get a mentor local to your area where you want to invest who can mentor you it will be much cheaper and more real.
If you have the $$$ to go then by all means do it!!! I just believe in getting started for as little as possible to save the money for deals where you will need it.
Be motivated and learn all that you can but check on a local mentor and lots of times if you birddog for someone else they will teach you at no charge and split the upfront profit and you will start to gain R/E investing expierence.
Good luck to ya… :smiley: