peter conti & david finkel

they made mention about a ‘san diego challenge’, where they made a challenge to the press, saying “Send us to any city with a group of three beginning real estate investors, and in three days time each of these investors would either own or control a minimum of $250,000 worth of real estate using none of their own money.”

they said they did this, can anyone shed light on that? seems there’d be some obvious stuff on google, but i can’t find anything that isn’t on an investor materials sales site (or message board)

yeah it did seem fraudulent, considering they made no mention of any specifics except ‘san diego’. no newspaper, no links, no time frame, nothing.

did nobody here wonder about that when reading about these guys? if you were challenged by the press, and proved them wrong, would you hide the links to the story?

Is it really that big of a story?

One house or even half a house in San Diego will net you $250K.

Whether it happened or not doesn’t really matter. Pete and Dave are salesmen. They are selling their program…their mentor program to be exact.

I have read all their books and listened to their material. I use some of it and it works, bottom line. I picked up 7 houses in one week for $7…in Iowa!!!

By the way, they did mention a time frame. I think it was in December.

Good Luck!!

The key words are “…or control”. You control property with an option…


yes, they’re salesmen and i understand that. you are telling me you honestly don’t care if they just make stuff up, as long as you can get houses in your name? that’s, well, odd

why not just find someone who definitely does that, so you know ALL of their information is field tested and not just guessed at?

and how much money are you making??? having 7 houses can mean you are setting yourself up for 7 foreclosures, we gotta know figures!

!!! Maybe that’s it!! Maybe they just went and lease optioned two properties at above market value or something hahaha!! They could’ve made the challenge “watch us get control of a million dollars of property in 3 days, and then go bankrupt in a month!”

jdeity - “…you are telling me you honestly don’t care if they make this stuff up, as long as you can get houses in your name?”

Well, don’t care and blow it off are two different thing. Yes I care but I just blew it off. It’s a selling technique that I’m not that worried about. They said they did it, great, whatever. How’d they do it? That’s what I’m going to focus on. Obviously I’m not going to throw all my eggs into one basket and just use the “trusted word” and techniques that Pete & Dave use. I wouldn’t suggest anyone do that. I did more research in the L/O area and put together a plan that works for me and my area…each property is an education and I’ve certainly changed some things as I’ve become more educated.

How much money am I making? Not much. Like I said, I’m learning and evolving. I cashflow about $100 per property per month, but that doesn’t include the $3-4K I get upfront. That’s mine no matter what. And foreclosure is out of the question. I’m renting…so are my tenants. If they don’t pay, that’s an eviction (if needed). I typically pay them $100 to leave in 24hrs. It works for me.

I don’t feel the need to go over the numbers for each property. Heck, you could make them up just like I could. I proved L/O’s worked for me. But like I said, I didn’t just limit myself to one (or two) people’s methods. I suggest you don’t either.

Good Luck!!

They don’t even need to a “lease/option”…they just need to get an option to purchase and effectively control the property for a few bucks.


i see… damn that isn’t the impression i got when i first read it.