Peter Conti/David Finkel Programs, Books

Anybody read or taken? What do you think? Just curious.

Overall, fine materials. But way overpriced, in my opinion. Their lease options course and mentoring programs, for example, are about five times the cost of Carbonare’s over at The Naked Investor. And I think his stuff is better, too.

I’ll check him out. I just bought the protege program off ebay for $350. Got a friend who paid big bucks for the mentoring program, but he said it was worth every penny! Maybe in a few years, :beer

I’ve read 2 of their books…excellent. Easy to read and full of info.

Highly reccomended!

Yes, I also agree. BUT!!

Who have actually done a lease/sub-lease deal, after reading the books???

I’ve done a bunch of lease option deals and I haven’t read either of these books or had any expensive mentoring. Two or three years ago, I bought an online book for about $50 that covered foreclosures, short sales, and lease options. I don’t even remember what it was called, but it was very good. These are very basic techniques and why an expensive course or mentoring is required is beyond me.


Yet, there you are pedaling your book in your signature. :rolleyes


Sorry if I stepped on your toes. I am not recommending my book for lease options - not at all! My book only briefly covers lease options and has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. I don’t know anything about The Naked Investor nor do I know what it costs. Do you own that? I thought you just liked it, so it was in your signature. Regardless, all I’m pointing out is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get basic information on any topic related to real estate investing. There is NO SECRET to lease options, short sales, being a landlord, wholesaling, rehabbing, etc.


Mike, I was just being a bit of a wise guy. And, no, you didn’t step on my toes, and no, I don’t own the Naked Investor. Just another website I like. Peace. :beer