pet smell in carpet any ideas???

the back room on the rental house i just purchased smells like a dog lived in it…

its carpeted… any ideas on how to get it out easy and cheap??

are there any stains? usually you can just rent a rug doctor and that should solve the carpet problem OR just febreeze the bajesus out of it

I have some notes on things that have been posted on here before about pet smells.
Try this: – OSR product
“Nature’s miracle” – Enzyme cleaner

You can use the search function on here to look for what was written about those products. I recommend you save a document of miscellaneous notes for quick reference of some things posted on this website. There’s a ton of great information and it’s nice to have it all in one document.

If it is just dog smell (wet dog BO), a good professional steam cleaning will get it out. Walls might have to be washed, too.

If it is urine, and not too much of it, again, a professional cleaning and deodorizing might get it.

Any place I’ve ever bought with pet smells, the carpet had to be replaced and the subflooring sealed, because the smell wasn’t caused by just an occassional accident.

Usually if the dog has used the carpet as his regular potty spot, the pad is ruined and stinking and the pad must be replaced. Sometimes you can replace the pad, seal the floor, and get the carpet professionally deodorized, and that will do it.

nature’s miracle works wonders

tatertot - thank you for sharing. How do you seal the subflooring? Is this something we can do ourselves or it is better to hire it out?

Thank you.

I think he just means paint on a primer such as Kilz.

Thank you.

Before sealing you can also spray an anti-microbial or the floor to try to kill anything that is growing too. Kilz or Zinsser primer will do the trick. I’d apply it with a roller on a pole nice and heavy. If you are not planning on painting the entire room walls and trim take a minute and use blue painters tape around the trim and plastic or paper up the wall a few inches. Newspaper folded in 1/2 attached to the trim at bottom all the way across and just a piece at each corner. You should be ale to do it yourself with no problems.


Kilz is fine, but any paint will do the trick, so I use leftover little bits.

A strong blacklight will show you where the urine is. Sometimes it is on the walls and dripped behind the baseboards.

You may need to pull the carpet and remove the pad in some areas. Pet urine goes through the carpet and is soaked into the pad. I have found “wet” pad under carpet. In worse cases, you may have to replace carpet and even treat slab/decking. Good luck.

I would have to agree, soak the area with natures miracle let it sit… and the part that most people do not do is to blot the area with a wet paper towel

that should take care of your problem.

I’m assuming that the rug is not wool - it’s a synthetic rug - possibly a shaggy type rug. If my assumptions are correct, two recommendations come to mind. One is to throw that rascal in the washing machine and if that doesn’t work, dump it in the trash pile. Cleaning and deodorizing rugs depends on the type of rug - or carpet you want to clean. There are many tricks to remove odors from rugs and carpets but the best medicine I’ve seen is vinegar and water. This will remove cat pee, dog pee, goat pee, rug-rat pee and other type odors from a wool carpet. Another trick to getting odors out of rugs and carpets is to spread the carpet over a picnic table - or something else flat - and leave it out in the rain - I’m serious! Then when the sun comes out, that’s when you have to let it dry. Try these tricks.

This is an easy solution. Pull up the old carpet and padding and throw it away. Then go down to your local janitorial supply company and buy a gallon of carpet deordorizer (Chemspec) and spray the sub floor with it. Let the room air out for a couple of days and install new carpet. Like a previous poster said, you may need to wash down the bottom of the walls with the deodorizer as well. It sounds like the odor has seeped into the padding, if so the only option is to replace the carpet and padding.