Pet Policy

Greetings All,

Need some idea’s for a good pet policy. This is my first house that I am renting out myself and need some pet policy advice. Any forms anyone uses or thoughts to add? Thanks in advance.



My policy is: NO PETS!

If you decide to go with pets, get a large and separate “pet deposit” – make a pert of that ‘non-refundable’…document before move-in condition (photos or video) and make sure that they know that ANY damages (inside or out) are their responsibility…I would also consider adding additional monthly rent.

My one property has brand new berber carpet, new paint, etc…a dog or a male cat can REALLY do a ton of damage!

My two cents…if you need a written pet policy, I probably have one around that I can scrounge up…



Thanks for your reply. If you have a pet policy you can find, I would love to take a look at it to see what it looks like. Thanks.


Stay away from…

Un nutured and spayed cats. You will NEVER get the spray out of the unit.
Birds…need I explain?

Kdhastedt has some really good ideas…I like the pet deposit idea. I’ve got a place to clean next week that is an absolute nightmare.

Thanks poochie. :-\