pest control inspection conflict of interest

Hey everybody!
I am selling a house. I would like to get owner occupied interest on this one to get full market value.
The pest report has come back with a few items, some seem reasonable, some seem fabricated in the name of making money.
Should I get more than one pest report? Should I forget it and let prospective buyers worry about their own reports? What are the chances that this could fall out of escrow or get delayed in underwriting?

The issue now is ‘you’re now aware of pest issues.’ Now, you can’t claim ignorance.

I try to have the buyer perform his own inspections. He won’t believe the ones I pay for anyway. So, why bother? Of course, everything’s negotiable, as far as who pays and/or orders the reports.

Totally agree. In my experience, the buyer has never believed the pieces of paper that I showed him.

Get one more! Or else, leave it on the buyer. As long as it is a huge maintenance issue, there are no chances of an escrow or delay in underwriting.