personal loan 10k down for a 50k loan is it possible?

My freind said a loan program exists ( i assume a personal ) where i put down say 10k and they will give me 50k as a personal or something to that effect…

this would be a great way to raise alternative cash for a downpayment

I’ve never heard of a personal loan program like that? Go back an ask your friend to be more specific.

I have heard of that scenario. and if you don’t pay you get fitted for cement shoes. 8)

I believe that is the “Bank of Uncle Nunzio”…


Is he the one that makes an “Offer You Can’t Refuse?” Fun-ny!

Listen to “the car guys” (AKA, “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers”) on Car Talk on NPR usually Saturday mornings…they talk about “Uncle Nunzio” a lot!