Permission to Talk w/Bank..clock ticking

Is there a standard form I will need to speak with the lender of the home I want to take control of. Or should he just sign a typed letter, saying I have permission.

You can try a three way calling and yes the homeowner I believe can also give his permission so that you can speak with a banker about his mortgage. Good Luck!

You can try to use the three way call, or just have the homeowner call, authorize it, and hand the phone over to you. However, lenders are very funny about things, and that, in most cases, won’t work.

What you need is an authorization to release form. The sellers sign this authorizing the lender to forward all information about the account to you. You can find several of these all over the internet, however, one of the best, and simplest, is Larry Goins version. His website is and you should be able to find it easily.

hope it helps,


Thank, Roger & Star.

I’ll give it a shot. And that website is great.
I belive between those 2 options, I can get this
thing going.