Percentage should i give

I have a guy that found me a house but we never had an agreement for me to give him anything. Now we are about to close and he keeps calling I am a licensed realtor and don’t know if I can give him anything and if I do how much? Please help :help

I don’t know if you can or not, but if you could you should. The guy brought you a deal that worked for you, so $500 would be a nice token of appreciate. If you could legally of course.

But he didn’t do anything and the deal wasn’t as great as he presented my profit went from 200K to 150K He was suppose to get payoffs and lien info and he did nothing :argue I don’t feel he deserves anything but 500 is not so bad. I think he will laugh in my face :bs. Ethicky I don’t think I can give him anything anyway Thanks though. :beer

So how much money would you have made off of this deal if he did not bring it to you? Heck, as a realtor you should know that seller agents don’t do jack yet they get 3% so why wouldn’t a lead be worth something? You could cancel the closing if it is not worth paying a fee for it.

As an agent you are not suposed to pay a fee by law. But knowing this, you should have not accepted the lead to begin with. Now that you are making money out of it, you should pay him.

I am bound by ethics :smile

Besides I wasn’t aware that he was biddogging until after the fact or I would have found out if I could have paid him or not. darn those ethics :biggrin

It sounds like you heard what you wanted to hear to get the deal and found the ethical problem of paying the guy a finder fee when you saw the dollar signs. Bad business. If ethics is the issue, hire the guy to help you clean the yard or something and pay himreally well for it. No ethical problem.

good idea thanks for the advice

Dear Inchbee,
Only 150k ?? Ofcourse he will laugh at 500 bucks. How bad do you want to this guy to bring you another crappy deal where you had to call for pay offs? Pay offs and lien info should come from your title company anyway sooooooooo. that would be one phone call and wait for the info. Ante up !! Make him feel special so he comes back with another deal that you will only make 150k. Or he will bring it to some one else. Ethicly…oh please You are stressing over 500 bucks and you say you are bound by ethics…get real cheap skate. I’ll bet you give a few bucks to the poor people…just to make your self feel good. So roll a couple grand up and pass it to this guy and quit your whinning.

As a bird-dogger myself, this sounds like plain cheap skate. To make amazing profits and not pay your bird dogger is unbelievable. You can use any excuse in the book, well (whine) I didn’t know he wanted something in return. Pleeeeezzzzz. Do you know how much you are NOT going to make from this guy again. I work my butt off for my investor associates and they are making plenty from my leads. I agree with the other one - pay him for cleaning the yard, or cash that no one knows about. But I have a feeling the guy is going to get nothing - you can blame being cheap on ethics - and hats off to the bird dogger. He learned and can go on and find someone willing to pay for a great lead! Carol

I agree with cl7793…the OP made $150k - throw the guy a bone you cheap so-and-so!

Remember, no matter where you are, it’s a small circle in the REI world. The word gets out and when it does, nobody will play with you – you won’t be able to get a game of jacks…


Let me get this straight…you are complaining about making 150K instead of 200K? Pay the guy at least a couple grand. It’s not going to kill you.

If you don’t pay him at least $1500, you are a POS, IMO.

I gurantee he won’t be bringing YOU anymore deals that you ONLY make $150K on. In fact, I’d just delete your contact info and never send you a thing again. Pony up and give the guy a fair deal, besides being the RIGHT thing to do, it will make your pockets even fatter by keeping him happy bringing you other deals.