Percentage Rents on Comm bldg

I’m a newbie to comm bldg mgmt due to my parents bldg is managed by a poor mgmt co. :frowning:

They couldn’t get maintenance issue resolved, so I had to do it. A new re-roof on a 18k sf flat B/U roof. Cost was ~ $50k

Now that this is done the 60ft palm trees need to be trimmed or removed - $600 vs $6,000.

With all these and other cost on a 25 yr old bldg, profits/cashflow is decreasing.

I read that percentage rents was a way to cover the cost of maintenance and other overhead.

How do you transition into % rents as the two yr contracts are ending soon.

Do the tenants have a benefit? Are they usually willing to sign a % rent lease?

Please point me in the right direction.