$$ per sq ft rehag

any of you folks in the MD DC VA have a price per sq foot rehab.

I know it’s not a good way to go but I have an off the wall estimate and wondering what you folks have experienced.


ok, besides bad spelling no one has an idea.

here’s the deal. I"m purchasing a property in an area about 80 mi away. not familiar with the area too much.
Where I am I can do a gut and finish job, all services for between $35-$45 a sq ft

the first bid Igot is from some guys that have done about 4 on the street already.
I figured its in their back door it would be cheaper.
There bid is in the $65 sf. something seems a little wacked.

Any input would be appreciated. I like the project but being out of the immediate area causes some logistic problems and I don’t know the avail of contractors up there.

Get more bids…

yeah Rich,

I know that’s the answer. Was just hoping someone might throw out a number to make me feel like I wasn’t losing it.

sorry for wasting everyones time.

hurr, I don’t think people are giving you the cold shoulder, but it just depends on what the scope of the rehab is. If you want resale quality work versus rental unit quality. Are the repairs cosmetic versus systems needing repair. Does it need to be replumbed from the studs or from the street in, does it need a new roof, is there foundation work involved or does it need all new electrical? It just depends

yeah Blue,
I didnt’ feel snubbed. I just know I can’t really give enough info up here to get a good answer.
as for your points
it’s from the studs in. plumb is to the house but the reconfig will call for new rough in.
elec, box is in, meter set. All the elec needs to be pulled and set inside.
metal roof. 25x30
regular finishes wd/tile/carpet in all the usual suspected places
premium counters and cabs.
3/2.5 4 lvl
only thing undecided is the hvac. currently a 2 yr old boiler with no ac. thinking on heat pump which will call for ducting the place.
window have to be refurbished - historic - but in good shape. just sanding and painting(lead)

I know it’s impossible to get a good number per sq ft, I was just hoping on a ball park.

type A rehab is xx.00
type B is xx.00
type c is xx.00

thanks for the input and help