Pennsylvania beginner

Hi all! I am new, and want to make a go of this wholesaling thing. I am in Pennsylvania, can anyone share any experiences in the market here? I am in the NE. Scranton, Wilkes-Barre area.


I have been scouting that area recently ,I think that is a good area. i have been interested in doing the same thing but finding the right properties(which is good) & investors( tough) is key.And i’ve found contracts are becoming harder to assign . but i think creativity can work well in a buyers market . thanks JC

If your in a desirable area, your numebrs need to be good…then you’ll find buyers. If you’re in a not so desirable or populated area, your numbers better be REAL good if you want to find buyers. I don’t know anything about your area so hopefully that rule of thumb will help you. Best wishes.