pelosi,just please go,shut up & go away

What a horrible lier.How can you be a politician and be that terrible at lying?I question anyone of her collegues who stand up for her also.Just wanted to vent that out,thanks.

Guy with a gun is in an elevator, and has only 2 bullets. Pelosi, Reid, and Bin Ladin walk in. What do you do?

Shoot Pelosi twice, then strangle Reid and Bin Ladin.

(Joke I saw on TV)

Seriously tho… Pelosi, biggest (you know what) on planet earth. She needs to “go away”

I knew you’d come back with a good one.But seeing how nervous she was @ presser you could shoot laden then she would have heart attack,send harry back with a note "there’s a crazy liberal hunter out we all gotta @ like we have common sense to blend in ".Whatcha think? :biggrin

Sounds great, couldn’t agree with you more. Herbster

Pelosi is a drama queen. She’s like the Nancy Grace of congress. The Dems love that stuff.

Other Speakers of the House have resigned over less…

She’s so lame. It’s amazing that she’s in a position of power.

Sad thing is, instead of distancing themselves from such ludicrous comments, her fellow Dem’s are trying to mount a defense and back what she said… so I wouldn’t expect her to do the right thing and resign (In the face of scandal, Dem’s don’t resign in as great a number as the opposing party)…

If there are any “truth” hearings, if she is not called on the carpet on this, they will lack total credibility…

I thought that she was the new face of the Republican Party?

She does have a new face,thanks to 30,000 botox injections.Is’nt botox pig fat?Wow,what irony.

She was so sincere with her little honest Abe raising of the hand. I love that old drama queen. She is a source of constant entertainment.

I find it so interesting that liberals and democrats do not want her to be accountable for this… Obama could put it all the rest by just releasing the info, just like with the waterboarding info, and being “transparent”… :rolleyes

That doesn’t matter, he can besmirch the CIA and previous administration in one breath and protect Nancy Pelosi in the other for doing the same…

He won’t release this info because Tenent (former head of CIA - a Democrat) and Leon Panetta (current head of CIA - a Democrat) have ALREADY confirmed the CIA was telling the truth on this IN WRITING… if it were not true AGAIN, it would be criminal, as it is against the law to lie to Congress… you honestly think Leon Panetta (former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff) is going to open himself AND the CIA up to CRIMINAL CHARGES by putting it in writing?

That is all you need to know… While it is a CRIMINAL ACT to lie to Congress, it is not criminal for Pelosi to slander the CIA et al… and THIS is the person we want to remain THIRD in line behind Obama, with bumbling Joe Biden as second?..

So, my question for my liberal Americans, is why should Nancy Pelosi NOT resign over her slandering the CIA et al? AND now refusing to answer any more questions on this?

And if the press does not hunt her on this for accountability, will you finally concede the overwhelming bias?.. Hmmm…

His transparency is looking like limo tint,they can see out but we can’t see in.