Nine billion ways to make honest money. You’re not ready for any of them. Yet.

Given your situation (been there), I cannot imagine anything better than to birddog for an investor for a while. See my long posts to N2that in the “Questions” thread.

If you decide later to do a whole different thing than what your investor does, you’ll still have a knowledge base, some contacts, and hopefully some change in the bank.

Ongoing adventure, yes. All areas equally good, no.

Best area for money: Large commercial development. What Trump does. You’re not ready.

Best area for security: arguably landlording. You’re not ready. And you might hate it.

Best area for staying mindlessly busy: rehabbing. You’re not ready.

Best area for avoiding sunlight: note trading. You’re not ready.

Best area for your own preferences: <how would I know?> But with no cash, credit or knowledge, it’s a good bet that you’re not ready.

Best answer I have with the information you gave: the answer I gave.

Look. What you want to do 10 years from now will probably be decided 9 years from now. So at the moment, be a birddog. You’ve got no money, no credit, no knowledge, but you’re willing to go to the front lines and talk to people

That’s a great combination for a birddog, and birddogging is a great foot in the door. And it’s something you can actually start doing in a single day.

Again: see my long posts to N2that in the “Questions” thread.

Best of luck.

haha I kind of appreciate the credit…I’ve only built the site through a free html converter and the help of others. Thanks for the heads up about Steve Maletos, you can likely expect to see him removed soon. Any suggestions on worthwhile programs that you have found to be credible and beneficial would be greatly appreciated.

Bird-dogging is your best bet in the market you’re most comfortable in - it’s different for everyone.

I think the posts by Pr1me and msavage are good information. Pr1me gave you the different types of markets and his opinion of what you’re ready for with the limited information you provided. Msavage offered you to try his investment personality article thats asks you to take a step back and ask yourself which market you think you would be comfortable doing business.

I also think you could turn down the attitude a little. These folks are taking time out of their day to give you Free Advice and all I’ve observed so far is negativity and a little impatience. The REI community is very small and word of burned bridges gets around fast. Go to the library to read books on different areas of REI and decide what area works for YOU.