Payment for SS on HUD-1

Instead of doing a double closing, can’t you just put your fee, profit or whatever you want to call what you are getting paid on the HUD-1 as a payout to you from the buyer and the title company send you a check after closing? Wouldn’t this save you from having to do a double closing or really show up at all?

You could do it that way. Ive done it, before. But you would have to have the buyer get into contract with the seller. This makes you vulnerable to the buyer completely cutting you out of the deal.

Gregg: So you are saying that if the buyer knows my cut of the deal, he/she could go directly to the seller and negotiate me out, correct? So doing it this way would really mean that I would need to be certain of my relationship with the seller and trust that they wouldn’t do this (that is, if the buyer could get in touch with the owner). I picture the listing agent working with the buyer to get the contract signed, etc. etc. and then go to closing and my fee showing up on the HUD1. At that point, there’s not much that can be done if the buyer is surprised by my fee. When you did it, was it easier than a double closing? It seems it would be as you wouldn’t have to get a loan, etc. etc. Thanks so much for feedback.

Hey Sarah,

Here is what I did. Note that I am not an agent.

I found a buyer and let him know the price of the home and the price of my comission. I had my buyer and seller sign the purchase contract. Purchase contract was sent to the short sale lender. The danger is that I am not on the purchase contract. If the buyer wanted, I am pretty sure that he could cut me out of the deal. Mine worked out fine, and I got paid, but you are placing a lot of trust in the buyer.

On the HUD, I had my comission(appears as a forebearance fee on the HUD) written in.

Hope this helps.


Wow…not an agent and using the word “commission” in a real estate sale.

You got guts.

Indeed. In NJ, bringing a buyer and seller together for a commission requires a license. It is a totally different story if you are a principal in the deal.

Watch your step- you a creating a huge liability for yourself!