Paying out on Buyer Commission...

Hi Realtors,

Just wondering if you have a cutoff point as to where you are more or less likely to show a property for a potential client… If the seller pays 2%, 2.5% 3% ???

Or is this something you don’t even consider much?



Well, honestly, as a Realtor we have an ethical duty to put our client’s needs before our own. That’s called “loyalty”.

this is what you get from a Realtor: O.L.D.C.A.R.
Obedience - we will follow all of our client’s lawful instruction

Loyalty - we will put our client’s best interests ahead of our own

Disclosure - we’ll disclose the important facts to clients AND customers

Confidentiality - we keep what we learn about our clients confidential, even after the transaction

Accounting - keeping track of all documents and funds relevant to a transaction

Reasonable care - to have a level of knowledge and the ability to guide our clients thru a transaction process without harm

All the best,