paying off property taxes

i have noticed that in alot of my research of the vacant boarded up properties, that of course they are usually behind in property taxes. i was wondrering if i could offer to pay them off for the owner (once i find them) and toss the owner some money for a property that they obviuosly no longer want. I’ve been trying to find out what the lwas r in my city (phila.) but to no avail as of yet. iwill keep looking but if anyone has info or a website that could help me it would be appreciated. thanks in advance :-*

Typically, if there are back property taxes on a property, than the city or county in which it resides has attached liens against the title for those taxes. Depending on the amount of time the taxes have been delinquent, you may be able to buy the entire property for only the amount of taxes owed. Check with the local City or County Treasury department on this one (each one is different).

Nonetheless, a property cannot be sold (traditionally) when there are back tax liens against the title. Eventually, these will have to be paid off - whether by you as the buyer, or the seller.

Tax Lien Queen

Here in Louisiana, the sheriff will eventually sell the property to satisfy the tax liens. However, the former owner has two full years to redeem the property by paying the back taxes, interest, and penalties. If you buy a house because of back taxes, be sure you understand the implications. It is possible that the former owner can get the house back during the redemption period, including any upgrades/modificiations made in the meantime.