Paying a Birddog

I’m in Texas and I know there’s the law that realtors can not pay cash for referrals, can you pay a birddog say 25% at closing for a deal they found you? Or what steps do you suggest I take for paying him if this is a person that will be working as my birddog for wholesales.

-Thanks in advance.


Wouldn’t THAT be grand!!!


25% yes a bit high - a flat fee would be better such as $500
As for fees pay them outside of closing as an admin/marketing fee - (whether it be that or not) never a referral fee -

25%? I’ll be moving to TX to start bird dogging for you…

Thanks all.

Before you decide to do anything, ask your BIC what you should do, as whatever you do, it will reflect on them and the company. Losing your license for making a mistake is bad. Losing your boss’s license is REALLY bad.