Paying $150 for a seller agreement

The homeowner and I are paying $150 for a sellers agreement. Is that to much?

what is it you are paying for? a form to fill out, representation, what?

How can I get one and not pay for it? The seller is going to a lawyer. I am paying because I am buying the house for 95k and it is worth at least 120k. I said I would cover the costs since we are avoiding a realtor and I am getting it below market value. The thing is, I just want a plain black and white agreement without a bunch of legal jargon.

Where can I get one without a lawyer?

i am confused, nothing new, are you wanting a “blank offer to purchase, contract”? you can write it on any piece of paper. if you want to have an attorney draft a contract that is another story. if the seller is having their attorney draft a contract for you to sign, you are unrepresented and therefore remember the attorney is looking out for his/her clients best interest. there are no requirements for an attorney to be involved, unless your state requires it, but it sounds like the seller is wanting their attorney involved. you would be wise to hire your own attorney, and then each of you pay for your own attorney.

If you were paying $150 for an attorney to draft an agreement, then you would not be paying too much because you’d be benefitting from his/her legal expertise.

Since you are just looking to download someone’s template, STOP. Use your state’s standard contract or (not really recommended) google the form and you’ll find tons of free versions of it online.

Thanks guys. I am just looking for an “agreement to sell”.
The lawyer is out as of today. I just need an agreement to give my mortage broker so I can get a loan.

are you in the U.S.?
what your mortgage broker needs is a purchase contract. you have agreed to purchase a property at a set price and terms.
this should be drafted by an attorney, or a real estate agent can help you fill out a “state specific” contract, more than likely drafted by attorney’s for the real estate commission.