Pay Realtor a referral fee?

I have a realtor referring a nice house to me, and I want to either buy it or better yet just wholesale it.

Normally I would just have the realtor represents me and he gets his commission from seller, but this time the seller doesn’t want to pay commission, and this will stay off market. So what agreement should I use to convince the realtor that he will get paid?

If I just use a referral agreement he will not be convinced that he will get paid
If I ask him to be the buyer on purchase agreement and then assign it to me, it seems kind of sketchy to the seller.

Have you asked the agent how you might work it out?

That’s where I would start.

Otherwise, use a double closing. It’s a tad more expensive, but it keeps the transaction details separate and confidential (more or less).

Hope that helps.

hi jay

actually he decided to just go with the referral arrangement, lol, he was so cautious that he wouldn’t have anything to do with this transaction. that brings the question, can realtors refer properties to investors and get paid for it? I would assume yes, but would they be under scrutiny from regulators?