Pay a tenant to move

I need some help on another form they think it is a great idea to pay someone to move I have said how much of a bad idea it is so I’m I wrong.

Why would you even pay some tenant to move just evict them and be done with it.

Yes, I would pay a tenant to move and have done it in the past when buying houses with undesirable tenants in place. Just compare the cost and time.

If you pay the tenant, you need to put it out there like you are a friend (grit your teeth and just do it). “Joe, I know you lost your job due to that unfair arrest. I’ve got to get rent coming in, so why don’t I help you out a little to get into that trailer you want to rent? How much do you need to get in there? Can you move right away if you got the money?”

“I’ll even return your deposit if you take out all your stuff and put the trash in the garbage. Just sweep out the house and it’ll be good enough for me.”

Otherwise you run the risk of a house trashed by an angry tenant. And all the costs of eviction. You’re gonna pay no matter what. Just get it done with the least hassle and stress.


It’s a business decision. Pay them to leave if it’s cheaper than going through an eviction.

The thing I would be most concerned about is my other tenants finding out that if they decide they don’t feel like paying their rent anymore, I will pay them to leave.

What happens if you pay them and they decide not to leave and make you go through the eviction process anyway?

I’m on the side of evict ASAP

NEVER pay a tenant to leave. That is absolutely no different than paying a criminal to come and rob you! In addition to the moral issue, paying a tenant to move sets a precedent that WILL come back to haunt you. Tenants talk to each other and to their friends. When you pay a tenant that refuses to pay the rent, you can believe that all their friends will know about it! Your other tenants will quickly find out also. Word of the weak landlord that pays people to rob them will spread like wildfire! You’ll attract deadbeats from far and wide. From that point forward, all your tenants will know that you won’t evict them. If they want to move for any reason, all they have to do is stop paying. They’ll not only get a free month’s rent, but you will actually pay them on top of that. Your irresponsible actions will actually encourage tenants to stop paying when they want to leave! Don’t be a weak landlord!!! If a tenant stops paying - EVICT THEM!


I will pay in a couple of limited circumstances:

If I have sold a property and the buyer wants possession, right now.

Also if… no, I can’t think of any other time.

If a tenant thinks he can screw with me, I am out for blood. Word gets around if a landlord won’t evict. You’ll have even worse trouble if the tenants discover that the landlord is a coward.

If you are afraid they will wreck the house, what makes you think they won’t wreck the house six moonths from now, after they’ve had their free rent?

It costs about $200 to get a person evicted and the Sherriff actually comes in with a truck and 2 guys to move the stuff out of your house. I would think that is cheaper than paying them to move. It also puts an eviction on their record that you warn the rest of us landlords so that we don’t rent to the scuzz ball.

I can’t imagine you were going to pay the guy more than $200 to move anyway. This way you still get him out and warn us at the same time you are enhancing your reputation as a no-nonsense landlord.

I face three thousand for an eviction that goes all the way and that doesn’t include lost rent and physical damage. You’re right, I don’t offer more than 200 to leave. It’s more like 50-100.

$3,000 WOW. In Texas it is $92 to file for eviction and after you win it is $195 or so to execute a writ of possession. That means the sheriff comes out with the truck and put their stuff out. That is it.

Where is it that the cost is $3,000?

Notice to pay or quit is $50 to the constable. You can do it yourself, but that leaves you open to a defective service claim. Proof of service is indisputable when a disinterested officer makes the claim.

It’s $150 to file the Summary Process Summons and Complaint. The real cost is storage. Bonded and registered moving and storage companies are the only ones allowed and they must hold tenant’s junk for 6 months before it can be sold. The bulk of the cost is the 3 month’s prepayment firms want in order to do the move-out. I’ve never taken it to a physical move-out because I have been able to move out them with a little cash.

This is a business as far as I’m concerned and any money I spend is just an expense. I do what maximizes profit. If that means paying a tenant to leave, so be it. If that means taking it all the way, that’s fine too. However, these expenses are the reason I get over $1,000 for 700 sf apartments in the bad parts of town. It’s several hundred more for units in prime locations.

Wow. Here in MS, it’s $65 to file after a 3 day notice period. Court is on Monday. They get until 5pm the following Monday to be out. Burden of proof is on the tenant to show they paid the rent on time. It’s very cheap and easy to get people out here.

Here is Texas they place there stuff neatly on the street in front of the house for the poor former tenant to come back and pick up at his leisure or for the neighbors to sort through and steal. The sheriff will not allow me to be there when he is doing that. He doesn’t want to encourage unnecessary confrontation. He calls me when it is done and tells me to come and change the locks. After I change the locks I call him back and he declares that I now have possession of the house and if the former tenant comes in he is officially trespassing. They take out what they declare is anything of value, they do not clean the house. I look through what they leave and if there are things that are of value left I throw it on the heap at the curb also. I don’t want to tempt the former tenant to break in to get some old baby pictures or diplomas etc.

One more reason teo live in Texas or Mississippi.

I advise you to take suggestion from the legal adviser.