Partying Neighbors Hurting The Sale or Rental of My House Help!!

My property has been on the market and is starting to get a lot of activity. The neighbors front porch faces my carport and driveway. They are constantly partying after work on that porch and on week-ends and parking in my driveway and all turning on music very loud. I pulled in the driveway last week-end for a potential buyer and a drunk neighbor was urinating in my yard :banghead. The owner apologised and I was nice, although did explain my need to sell or rent the property. I also asked him to bring me a buyer :rolleyes. This week-end same thing…agents are going over for showings and neighbors in the yard parked and partying!! The house is vacant and completley rehabbed and needs to be sold :help. Please send me advice!!

You can hire a lawyer to sue them for damages for a private nuisance. A “private nuisance” is a violation of one’s use of quiet enjoyment of land. I’m sure the lawyer’s retainer will be really expensive.

You can also try calling the police. See if they can do anything like charging them with public intoxication.

I suggest a good stereo system. Play a Mozart Concerto very loudly. Constantly. Believe it or not, this has worked to keep gang-bangers out of Southern California liquor store parking lots.

Also, try loud heavy equipment doing home improvement projects right outside everytime they have a party.

I feel your pain. I had the same problem with a drug house next door. I accepted a low downpayment and carried the loan. I couldn’t rent out the house to my level of tenants.

Otherwise, contact the owner–if the partiers are tenants–and try to work out a deal with the owner to give them notice.

Buy the nuisance house.

Rent out your house instead of selling it. Selling it is not going to work as is.

Find a solution. Maybe you could even pay them off somehow during the marketing time, or provide them with a deposit on a different rental.


Those are all great ideas. Save the lawsuit idea as the last choice though, but do it if you need to. Its amazing how people sometimes shape up the second they get just a threatening letter from a lawyer’s office…prior to any lawsuit.

Offer them a keg when the house sells if they shape up, after that call the cops on public intoxication, noise, and public urination.