Partners for my Deals! Chicago

Hmmm…2 deals and Iam exhausted! I worked my b** off to get these deals and now I am thinking there must a better way to work.

I am looking to tie up with a female investor( No offense to any guys, but I feel safer working with another woman).
Just to help each other and get all that needs to get done. I am spending too much time communicating with the attorney/homeowner etc and no time to look for new deals.

So if anyone is interested in tying up with me( Iam hardworking/loyal and honest), shoot me an email.

Thanks and good luck.

I am in Chicago. What area of the city are you in?


Yeah, I have heard of you guys.

When is your next meeting? Please let me know, thanks.

Well you can find all the details via the link on the page:


If you change your suggestion for gender, please send me an email.
sothwest suburbs- chicago

savannah enterprises

I know several people are gathering out in Orland Park to play Cashflow 101 tomorrow night.
Gino’s East on 159 and Harlem.

A reporter from the Tribune will be there as she is doing a story on Kiyosaki.

Hello I’m also from Chicago. I live in the Plaifield area I’m also looking for people to work with in wholesaling and flipping properties any information on monthly meeting would be great.

well you can find the link to the WCRT as well as other great clubs via the Real Estate Clubs link on the left under Investor Resources.

The link directly to the WCRT is

At first I was going to ignore this discriminatory, sexist post :o – but here’s what I’ll do instead-- How about if I INTRODUCE you to about 6 or 7 active, professional female investors…That is, if you don’t mind being introduced by a MAN! ;D

But seriously, I’ve got a broad network (no pun intended :smiley: ) here in Chicago of successful, active, (fun loving), investors who are always looking to build new relationships for mutual assistance and support. :-*

Paul_Strauss :

Thats funny! I did not mean to sound sexist at all! Its just that men find me irresistible, so I can hardly get any work done with a male partner. ( Just kiddin!)


That would be great, if you could introduce me to a few interesting people. Where/when can I reach you?

Thanks and by the way, all my best friends are MEN, so I am trying to make a new years resolution to actually have soem women friends/associates! :0

By the way Paul-Strauss;

If you look as hot as savannah from this forum( scroll above), then I would Defintely love to work with ya!! he he.


Sorry. I’m married, and ummm, I have a “nice personality”… ;D

I was really having fun with that reply, I’m glad you’ve got a good sense of humour…

I’m new here, what is the game cashflow 101? and what is Kiyosaki?



Well let’s start with Kiyosaki, as in Robert Kiyosaki the accomplished investor and author. You would be well served to read his books, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant”. I know these books and the game are found on the Investor Resources page on the site at

Cashflow 101 is a game that he has developed to help individuals learn how to think differently as he mentions in his book.

If you are from Chicago, then you can go to the forums on and locate people playing the game. It really is a good learning tool.