Partial Note Query?


What does this mean:

50% / 91 Mo. Partial: $46,488.00

Balance / Months Remaining after Partial: $96,713.75 / 256 Mo

Other info:

The UPB is $106,800

Terrm 30 yrs

Monthly Payment $788.88

Thanks in advance​


What's being offered is an investment for xx dollars in cash which will be returned by committing a payment percentage from a trust deed note. 

Unfortunately the numbers you presented don’t match up and this may be because the person who presented them to you does not know how to properly calculate returns based on apportionment.

your showing a $788.88 payment but when you take 50% which is $394.44 and multiply it for 91 months it equals $35,894.04
and when $96,713.75 is divided by the payment of $788.88 it is only 122.60 months of outstanding balance and of course your
post indicates a $46,488.00 partial income.

It shows an unpaid balance of $106,800 but you don’t show an interest rate and I suspect the yield is not calculated?

Basically this is an offer to sell a fractional interest in a note!