Parking Space problem

On my first property I bought there is a lack of parking. Problem being it was a repo. The neighbor hood started parking in one of the spots. I’ve been there on a few occasions and there are differant cars parking there. So I find it kind of hard to talk to everyone or anyone because most of the time I don’t even know whose car it is.

Am I better off just putting up a sign stating the spot is for my residence tenants only?

More specifically, where is the parking? Is it a driveway, street parking, or a private parking lot?

If you’re talking about regular street parking, there’s probably not anything you can do. In front of our apt. building, there are 6 parking spots. There are also 6 units in our building. I tried getting the city to allow me to put up signs stating the spots were for resident use only (because there are a couple people who regularly park there during the day because of our building’s proximity to the town square). They told me I couldn’t do that because it was street parking and fair game for everyone. The residents know I tried to get the parking reserved, but was unsuccessful. There are other spots nearby so they know they just have to walk a little sometimes.
If you’re talking about a parking lot that is off the street and on your property, then that’s a completely different story.

Sorry for not being more sprcific.

I have a 3 family and there are 2 spots just big enough for 1 car each on my property.

If the parking is on land you own - not public land - then there is a possibility you can do something. First, contact the city - either zoning or the police dept (or both) to see what local ordinances say.

What you can do is make an agreement with a towing service, they’ll routinely check the lots and tow any car that isn’t on their approved list (tenants provide you with their license numbers). After a couple are towed, and have to pay a fee to get their car out of hock, the problem should go away.

You have to put up signs that conform to city requirements, but in many areas the towing service will do that for you. They’ll be happy for the income from the towing fees. The one potential negative to this is how this will effect relations with neighbors and tenants. in most cases, neighbors are unhappy, but tenants are thrilled to have their parking space available.

Like anything else, check out the towing service before you go this way. Some provide decent service, but many are ripoffs with a license.

It’s not a good idea to have some neighbor’s car towed without warning! First I would get a sign painted up: “Parking for unit 123 only, all others will be towed.”

Then print up some notices and have your tenant who SHOULD be parking there put it on the window of any violating car. Do that for a while including “LAST WARNING!”, then tow.

If you only have 2 spaces for 3 cars, there may have to be a gentleman’s agreement of whomever gets there first gets it.

Take back your spaces now, before you have trouble.