Parking Problems

I have been renting an apartment for almost a year now and have been using two parking spots that we thought we ours since they we both marked as our #. No one has said anything or tried to park in that area since we have moved in. Just yesterday we wre informed that the spaces were incorrectly marked and are supposed to be spaces available to rent from people. They said if I wanted to rent the space I would have to be on a list that tons of people are already on. This meeting happened while we were out of town so we had no idea that the space was available to rent. Does anyone know if we have any rights to the space or even if we have a right to be a the top of the list.

Please help!!!

what is in your rental agreement? (does it tell you are assigned spaces, how many vehciles are you allowed, etc)

Just becuase you parked there for a long time and thought they were your parking spaces does not mean much.

Yeah our rental agreement says we only have 1 spot. I pretty much figured that we would not have any rights. I was hoping though!!