Palm Harbor advice

Well I hate to start out negative but we had nothing but problems with our Palm Harbor when we bout it so I figured I would post the results. Most of the furniture than we bought with the package was either scratched or had marks on it somewhere, the carpet had wrinkles in it and several scuffs on the door ways. Of course they said that they would fix everything but when they sent the guy’s out they did nothing but make a report.

They did finally send a out of house carpet installer out here to re-stretch the carpet but he told us that it was installed wrong and really needed to be replaced. Well we never heard from him again but a few week’s later they sent one of their “carpet specialist” out and he said that the wrinkles in the carpet was from us moving heavy furniture across it but we found this funny since we had bought it furnished. Oh well it’s been a few years and we have everything fixed except the carpet but I felt like sharing so maybe others could avoid this problem in the future.

Have a wonderful day and hopefully your experience will not be as bad as ours if you decide to purchase a MH.