Does anyone have an addendum or form that allows tenants to paint? If so can you PM me and i will provide you with my email.

Absolutely not! No painting by tenants allowed.

:shocked What he said

It is my belief that 90 percent of the populace can’t paint. Plus do you want your unit to look like circus clowns lived there?

I just had an interior painted. Two professional painters were in there for two solid days taping and masking, before applying 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.

Your average tenant has no idea what masking tape is for. He’ll save $10 by not purchasing disposible drop cloths. Nobody told him that you are supposed to take the switch covers and the window blinds off before painting.

You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t paint the carpet while he’s at it.

Oh, and his idea of “neutral color” will be tomato soup orange or grape jelly purple. (ask me how I know)

I dont think I would be opposed if the tenant was on a long term lease and he agreed to hire a professional, also I would add the caveat that I must see the paint samples before they start the project. I have known people that plan to rent for a long time and wish to make improvements to their home, if done right I think this could be a win win. NO DIY projects though

I learned the hard way . . . don’t let them pick up a paint brush! My tenant told me he had lots of experience with painting. When he was finished, he had bumped the ceiling with the roller in several places, dripped paint onto the baseboards and carpet, etc. Didn’t seem to notice. He was so prould of his work. I was soooo appalled. Never again! :rolleyes