Painting Aluminum Siding?

I just bought a house will aluminum siding.
I believe it is the original siding from 1950. It is in good shape but would look much better if painted.

Anyone ever had experience painting this type of siding?
If yes, please share. I always learn something from you all and really appreciate it.

Are there any special steps to take or just a simple process like this:

  1. Clean siding
  2. Prime
  3. Paint- What kind of paint?

Thanks for your advice and experiences!


I’ve done it. NO problem at all. Go to Sherwin Williams, they have the best advice around and the finished product will look great.

Hi Chad,

There is a product called E-B (Emulsa bond) that you can add to paint that will make it stick to chalky surfaces etc. No need to prime!

Great stuff. You can get it at Home Depot etc. or any paint store.

Use my flashing tricks to repair any uneven corners or holes etc.

If you use an airless sprayer, don’t forget to spray all the windows with Aqua-net hairspray first. Use your 12 inch putty knife as a sheild. It saves time and money on both tape and paper. You’ll want to wash the windows when your done anyway. There’s no trash when your done and one can will do the whole house.

When are you coming down south?

Interesting way to paint-what do you wash the windows with to get this off with ease?

So let me get this straight. You spray the hairspray on the glass and then any accidental overspray on the glass will wash off?

If so that’s pretty clever indeed. :cool

Yep, the paint and hairspray will wash right off. You can use window cleaner or just plain soap and water. Its even faster if you wet the windows and then use one of your 4" knives like a squeegy. Saves tons of time on taping and paper.

Morentsee’s wife and partner.

I found this article helpful when I did the same thing.

and i thought i was the master at shortcutting job time…does white rain work? aqua net makes me frizzy…

On a related note, I’ve seen some negative results painting vinyl siding. I bought a house where a would-be rehabber painted the vinyl siding a brown color. Apparently the dark colors absorb the heat well, because my vinyl siding has warped and buckled a bit.

Painting aluminum siding any color is probably fine, but I would avoid any color but white on vinyl siding.

Wow the Emulsa Bond sounds like the way to go. Wish I knew about it when I painted our house.

Years ago we did a power wash and then primed with a mold inhibitor and then painted but one step sure beats 3 steps. Thanks for the tip!

Another tip not related to siding is fabric softner to remove wallpaper. Soak the wallpaper with fabric softner and it comes off like butter. If you ever scraped wallpaper bit by bit you’ll appreciate this tip.

I have painted metal siding and no problem. Just clean it before you paint.

Make sure to get that chalkey stuff off if it’s older siding first before you paint. My pet peave is painting over the sofits and they no longer vent. Kinda unavoidable but some homeowners inspectors catch it.