painter left mess????

Hey ,
I need to know how to remove paint sprayed on windows and on vinyl tile in every room. My husband paid the painter before he cleaned up? Help??

Use a razor blade for the windows. If the paint is latex (most likely), you can use a damp cloth to wipe the tile. Latex paint is water based so it will come right up with a damp cloth. Oil based paint requires paint thinner to clean up. Be careful with paint thinner as it can damage other things.

And NEVER pay a contractor in full until the job is [u]completely[u] done

Latex paint is not water soluble once dry (how could you wash your walls?). Nor will dried oil based paint dissolve with paint thinner.

A plastic scraper might be your best bet on the tile. Similarly, if your windows are coated in any way, you can’t use a razor and must gently scrape with plastic.

Sometimes a registered letter with photos and the threat to sue in small claims court can work. You’re taking a chance however, that a reluctant contractor will return and do more harm than good.

I assume you simply called and appealed to his sense of referral based good customer service?

Go to Sherwin Williams and buy some Krud Kutter, it works very well on latex and oil. You can wrap a t-shirt or cloth around a 5-1 or scraper tool and it should still work well with less risk of scratching or damaging the tiles. Good luck.