Paint Sprayer Suggestions?

I want to buy a paint sprayer and wanted to see if any of you have one you would recommend or one to avoid.

It would be used for SFHs on the interior and exteriors whenever possible.

I don’t mind spending the money on more expensive tools as long as I know I’m purchasing something that’s high quality and efficient.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


I have tried the Wagner sprayers, ya know, the ones with the little plastic paint container on them. I was drawn to them by the price obviously but what a piece of crap. And man was it messy!!! I would definitely spend the money on something industrial sized. Not sure on any brands…

I would avoid the cheap ones that are electric. I have tried these and they suck. I like airless compressors.

Unless your painting more than 5 houses a year just rent them.
A good airless paint sprayer is a very complex machine, the theory is simple but the execution is where the problems start. If these machines are not completely cleaned after each use you will spend big money on repairs.

On the other hand, if you do a lot of painting buying one can be the best move you ever made. Pay a little more and get one at Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore. Before everyone here tells me I’m nuts hear me out… These guy’s KNOW PAINT. They will take the time to SHOW you how to properly clean the machine and IF you do have a problem they can trouble shoot 99% of them over the phone with you. Try that with “Johnny” the Home depot paint guy who worked a Burger King up until last week. You’ll pay more buying through them but these guys appreciate your business. Before you buy one set up a commercial account with them to get a discount.

As far as brands go…anything they sell is commercial quality, just ask for their recommendation. These guy’s are a wealth of knowledge.

i bought a airless paint sprayer from lowes for $400 ,its a spray tech. its on a cart with wheels , you can hook a 5 gallon paint bucket on it an go… it was the best money i ever spent. it has lasted me about 3 years and is now wearing out . it has paid for its self many times and would recommend buying a commercial airless sprayer in a heat beat if you are painting whole houses or large areas .i spend about 20 mins cleaning it out after every use. and i havnt had any problems with it …as soon as it dies i plan on buying another one , saves time …and time is money

Sherwin Williams Rocks! I buy more than 1000 gallons of paint per year and I do know paint. Kelly-Moore is only so-so at best.

As far as spray pumps. I use GRACO! The UltraMax 390 goes for around 700-1000 and the 490 goes for 900-1200 depending on region and contractor account or property owner manager discount.

Both well worth the money and they will pay for them selves fast :biggrin

Forget the cheap home depot diaphram pumps, they suck!