paint matching

i have a problem with the paint job i did in my rehab. it seems the spots where i skipped over to “come back to later” have a lighter shade compared to the surrounding paint. i had to paint one wall all over again to try and compromise however the ceiling is noticable in that spot. i do not have enough time to paint the whole ceiling because its the whole dining room, living room and kitchen. is there anyway i can match the paint of the original shade? im not sure why this problem happened, we bought the same paint from Lowes for three different 5 gallon buckets. any info appreciated.


Even “factory” paint of the same color varies from lot to lot. The only ways to make sure it matches are:

(1) Buy same color/same lot #, or

(B) “Box” all of your paint togther when you buy it…this will require you to basically dump all of it togehter and then put it back into the cans.


damn…so im SOL? i did buy the exact same paint 3 differnet times…yes i should have done your second recomendation.

now that im in this pickle though, do i have any other options?

I see two options: Leave it or paint it…

You just need to do a quick roller coat over the area, not a complete and perfect “cut in and roller job”…shouldn’t take more than a hour or two (my neck DOES hurt thinking about it though!) to hit it with a quick coat just to even the color out…


Did you check the finish also? (i.e. Flat, Eggshell and Semi won’t color match)

Also the base must match (i.e. Medium base and Pastel Base; even though they are the same “color”)

Ask me how I know!


dkaras1, yes the finish is the same ;]

i don’t think im going to tackle painting the whole ceiling again…guess thats a job for the new owners… ::shrugs::