Paint Job Prep Problem

As I am going to be involved with contractors with my own real estate one day, I have run into a problem with the guy who is supposed to paint my parents’ house that could help me know how to handle problems. The guy came today to remove the wallpaper. He removed the wallpaper and also proceeded to put some deep chips in the floor tiles with his ladder. Basically, my mother figures that if he is damaging things before he actually starts painting, there is no telling what he paints like. He is not coming back per her instructions, except to pick up his tools. Of course, now I have to tell him this even though I didn’t hire him. What happens to the 1/2 deposit that she paid him? I would like to ask for a portion of it back, especially since he has damaged the tile. We don’t necessarily have to replace the tiles. It is just that they were smooth before he came today. What is the best course of action?



I would request the return of the deposit. He is likely to ignore your demand knowing you would have to take him to court. How much is the deposit? Is it worth a court hearing to get it back? What does the contract for work say about the deposit in the event the work is not completed? Find these things out and then go forth if it suits the situation.


The deposit was $250. There is only a verbal contract, which doesn’t stipulate what happens if the work isn’t completed. That $250 is going to be called “taking down wallpaper” expense as well as a learning experience.