Paint and quality

Hello rehabbers,

I was just wondering if you all use interior paint on the interior of rooms, or if you use exterior. I was being cheap and had some exterior paint, so I used it for a bathroom, and the solids content was much higher so it hid more inperfections.

I just wanted to give a tip, and know your experiences.

I also painted the interior cabinets (based on one of the articles on the site) with sherwin willams bonding primer and the self leveling trim paint. It turned out exellent!

I hope there was some gloss with that exterior paint - otherwise it will run down the walls when someone takes a shower.

I am not sure how durable the paint will be. Isn’t exterior paint a bit softer when dried so that it can expand and contract with temperature changes?

Thanks for the tip on the self leveling trim paint! Have to get some of that.

the bathroom I painted is a half bath. I will contact Sherwin Willams tommorow and question them about the difference, then post the answer.

Actually I believe that using exterior paint in the interior is a mistake. I just looked at the Behr website and it mentions one of the ingredients can cause cancer. Probably not a big deal on the exterior, but if people come into contact with it on the interior, it’s probably not a good idea. Also found this section from

nterior vs. Exterior Paint

One of the most important things to be aware of is that paint is formulated for either interior use or exterior use, and they have different properties: Interior paint is formulated for: Scrubbability and stain resistance; Good hiding ability; Splatter resistance; Easy touch-up. Exterior paint is formulated for: Color retention; Resistance to fading; Flexibility to withstand expansion and contraction due to weather; To provide a mildew resistant coating; Resistance to tannin bleed. Don’t think that you should use exterior paints indoors on the assumption that it is “tougher”. In fact, some of the highest-grade exterior paints can be worse to use indoors than a lower-quality interior paint.

Yes, exterior paints tend to be softer and have mildewcide. Although mildewcide is often added to bathroom paint. Be very careful with mildewcide as far as toxicity goes. Wear gloves when painting and rubber gloves when cleaning up. I’d put on a cheap paper dust mask to keep splatters etc. off my face.
Sherwin Williams Bonding primer is great but is probably overkill unless you really need the adhesion like on formica or a glossy surface. And check to make sure if it’s recomended for exterior use.