PA - How to Approach Attorney's and Title Companies - Newbie

Hello All Newbie Here,

I haven’t had much luck getting an attorney or title company that would do a Sub2 deal. One said that before the title could be moved it would have to be clean (no existing mortgage). So they wouldn’t give the Title Insurance to me either. Another one said, for double closing, I would have to show that I have the funds in my account when I purchase from buyer. Then the person I’m selling to would have to have their own funds.

So I guess my question is… How should I approach Attorneys and Title companies when trying to get someone that would close Sub2 Deals?

Please let me know asap I want to get rolling … :biggrin


Don’t use the term double closing, use the term simultanious closing. Not many title companies do sub2 closings, you need to find one that does. See if LandAmerica Lawyers Title has offices in your area and schedule a meeting with the branch manager. Then explain to them what you are doing, and wanting to perform sub2, and if they ask about it, explain it to them.

It takes time to build good relationships, stay focused and keep going :slight_smile:


If I were you, I would invest in some good subject to courses first. I HIGHLY recomend $Cash’s$ and Biker Jim’s. I have both of these and I have learned TONS from each of these successful Sub2 investors. Both courses are priced very reasonably.

Once you study these systems you will find that you do not need attorney’s as much as you might think.

Also, there are just so many ins and outs to sub2 investing that you want to be sure you have a firm foundation so you don’t get into trouble.