P-O’d PreForeclosure

Via my direct mail campaign to property owners in PreForeclosure, I P-O’d this guy. He says I tried to embarrass him with the item I sent which could be embarrassing if the postman made it visible to neighbors (never thought of that because I mailed it to myself as a test and the postman placed it at my front door and not near the mail box).

Has anyone received this type of response when pursuing PreForeclosures?

My intent is not to embarrass anyone but to get their attention, prevent foreclosure and locate a deal.

You should post what the “item” was you mailed!!!

A++ for creativity.

(Saw this post on that other site…)

Yes kimdrake,

I mailed a 12X18 bandit sign with the message “Avoid Foreclosure” which included my website and phone number.

a 12 x18 sign !! WOW.

It did the job, it sounds like----it got attention. Don’t let one complaint get you down. If the postcard gets you results-- use it. What kind of results are you getting?? I’d like to see this sign/postcard, can you email me a sample.

My personal experience shows people in foreclosure tend to be in denial or shock. Most don’t know what to do—so they do nothing. A BIG postcard, might wake them up before they have no options left. I’ve worked with too many clients that come in to late.


What email address should I send a pic of the bandit sign to?

I mailed 10 signs the 1st time and 5 called back with one potential deal… I mailed 25 more on yesterday which should give me a better idea on the response rate.

All of these are in preforeclosure which means the motivation should be there but PRIDE is probably the main reason people allow their homes to be foreclosured on and it’s very difficult to over come that MONSTER

Just my 2 cents

Can you guys please tell me where you are getting the lists of the preforeclosures? Are you just using bird dogs or are you going to an internet site. I am trying to find a site that is accurate before I commit to anything.



I know for my area there’s not a website that has updated preforeclosure listings… We have a local legal paper that you can pick up weekly that has updated info on preforeclosures. If you are in a decent size city or county I’m sure you would have a local pub also that you can use to prospect Pre’s

How did your second mailing go?

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Gosh! Don’t you look at the web site you’re on? There are some fantastic links right here on reiclub.com. Lot’s of free information. Explore every link on this site to find subscriber services (cheap!) for pre-foreclosure names, and also the great e-book by bill J. Gatten on Picking up Pre-foreclosures in Good Neighborhoods Without Cash, etc.