ownership question

I have found a house in a very good neighborhood…it looks vacant because the grass in the front yard is almost as tall as I’am but theres a sign in the yard, stating that the (now previous) owner does not have ownership of the property and that its owned by a certian institute. I tried looking for this institute online but all my efforts were in vain…So I decided to check the tax records…up until a 2 months ago the property was register under the owners name but now it’s listed as unavailable…should I now hire a title searcher or maybe a P.I.?..
Thank You for taking the time to look at this.-

oh come on, over 15 views and no ones answers…well the most logic thing to do would be hire a title searcher or an title attorney…any input guys?

Hello, It seems that no one has had your experience before. I would like to suggest possibly sending a letter to the address and see who responds. The mail may be forwarded. Or maybe the title search.

Try contacting the previous owner and see if they are willing to put you on the right track. Do you have access to other information on the property like the deed and mortgage? If not and you don’t get any pertinent information by sending the letter you may have to order a title to find this information.
Good luck!