Owners deceased, children want to sell... now what?

hey guys, I got a call from the children… they all want to sell, but the property in the name of their parents who are deceased. What is the process? have them contact a probate attorney first?

yes. if they have a will the process isn’t too terribly complex. If the parents died intestate, it could get sticky depending on state laws.

Yeah, just an update, they died intestate and are survived by 7 children. Talked to the title company and basically you would need an affidavit signed. Other investors told me it could get complicated and each may need a lawyer involved.

I just bird dogged it to another investor to deal with it. It wasn’t my kind of transaction to begin with.

I don’t blame you. Too much time and it’s often a mess depending on how close the heirs are to each other. Could be another heir somewhere for all you know.