Owner/Seller Finance Question

I have a house I’m about to sell to someone under owner financing.
I have a few questions.

Contract part is obvious and it has to be recorded by the county. Though I’ve heard differing stories.

How does equitable title work? Is there something on paper or go through a title company?
I figure they’d take equitable title and they could pay their own insurance, etc.

Want this to be set up nicely in case I decide to sell the note.

Question, do you have an underlying mortgage? Where I live you don’t have to record a Note, and if you might be going to sell the Note later there is much to learn on how to structure a Note for maximum value fron a Note investor. You should contact an investor to find out what their criteria is. If you need some Note investors send me a PM and I’ll tell you. Herbster

I buy owner-financed mortgage notes. If you plan to sell the note in the future I will show you how to structure the note in order to get the best pricing.